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Organic, Longer Lasting Hair Removal

Tired of dealing with pain from razor bumps, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs? Just for it to grow back a week later? At Evolve Wax Spa we specialize in organic hair removal so you can take up the luxury of smooth skin without consequences.  

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Wax Spa In St. Petersburg Florida

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Why Choose Evolve Wax Spa?

All of our wax is made of plant-based products. Making clean, chemical free beauty possible.

Waxing prevents razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Providing lasting, irritation free smoothness.

In our walls, there is no discrimination, we are happy service all genders on a variety of services.

Located in the Femperial House of Beauty, you are able to feel luxurious in the space of your self-care.

Explore Our Services for Men & Women:

Wax Services

Throw away those pesky razors that leave irritation and ingrown hairs behind. Instead, experience longer lasting smoothness with our full body waxing treatments. 

Salts Massage

Skin Treatments

Your face isn't the only part of your body that deserves extra attention. At Evolve Wax Spa we prioritize ALL parts of your body by providing facial like treatments for your back, butt, and even your vagina! 

Salts Massage
Your 3 Step Journey to Self - Care:

Step 1

Select the service you'd like to receive by clicking here.

Step 2

Choose a day and time convenient for you to come in.

Step 3

Show up the day of your appointment and leave feeling great!

About Evolve Wax Spa

Hey there! Welcome to Evolve Wax Spa, nestled within the Femperial House of Beauty in sunny St. Petersburg, FL. We're a local gem, owned by women, and dedicated to delivering top-notch waxing and skin treat services with a touch of natural goodness.

Here at Evolve, everyone is welcome! We celebrate diversity and cater to all genders, offering a variety of services designed to make you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Our approach is all about personalization and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere where you can unwind and pamper yourself.

At Evolve, it's not just about the waxing—it's about the whole experience. We're all about infusing a little extra joy and relaxation into your day. So why not swing by and let us show you what makes Evolve Wax Spa so special? We can't wait to meet you!

Meet Our Staff

Domonique - CEO & Waxologist

Meet Domonique, the heart and soul of Evolve Wax Spa. As the owner and main waxologist, she's dedicated to providing top-notch waxing services in a welcoming and empowering environment.


Sarah - Waxologist

Say hello to Sarah, the sunshine of Evolve Wax Spa! With her gentle touch and attention to detail, she's here to ensure your waxing experience is smooth and delightful.


We’re Waiting For You!

2851 1st Avenue N St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Monday - Friday:  9AM - 8PM

Saturday:  10AM - 2PM

Sunday: CLOSED

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